Tabletop fires

Tabletop fire

A glass fire from Tabletop fires makes a stunning centrepiece for any dinner table or living room and our glass fires are well suited to al fresco as well as indoor dining, evoking feelings of romance and contentment.

Tabletop fires look great placed on a table outside when you are entertaining indoors to light up the evening. But they are not just for dining - in fact a tabletop fire can be positioned anywhere where the gently dancing flames will instantly create atmosphere and mood.

Because they burn with no odour, no smoke and no residue, Tabletop fires are perfect for homes as well as restaurants and bars, and for caterers who want to add something special to create atmosphere.

Try one in your living room or bedroom to chase away the chilly autumn air!

More sophisticated than candles (with no wax to clean up!) and more modern than tealights, Tabletop fires are at the leading edge of the new design movement.

Available in a brushed satin or highly polished finish, the quality is immediately apparent. The base is made from solid stainless steel, machined and finished in a highly polished or brushed satin finish.  The "chimney" is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass and stands 250mm tall. The bio-ethanol based fuel comes from a renewable source and is clean burning and free from fumes or odour, leaving no residue and making our Tabletop fires equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.